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[Days Until Vegas: 33]

Cruising around today, I found the coolest thing ever.

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto 3 (as I have), you’ve heard the various radio stations that they play in the cars you hijack. I’ve played enough that I can sing along with the songs. Jenn can too, though she probably wouldn’t admit it.

I have several times lamented the lack of soundtrack CDs for the game since I’d actually listen to the stuff in my real car. It’s great stuff.

Well, on GTA3 Warehouse it looks like someone has ripped all the audio into MP3 format and you can download it all (except for the radio stations “K-Jah” and “Double Cleff”). So I did.

Then I burned them all into audio CDs so I can now actually listen to it in the car. It takes three CDs to contain it all, but I’ve got it all burned now, commercials and all, and I’m good to go. Yay, me!

Along the same lines, you can download the GTA3 ring tone for your phone off of the main GTA3 site. (The link is in the “News” section.) It sounds just like the pager you have in the game. I downloaded it to my new Nokia 3360 and I’ve got it set as my message/pager sound. So cool!