Secret Asian Man

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[Days Until Vegas: 34]

Talking to Jenn a couple of nights ago, she mentioned that when she was younger she thought the song “Secret Agent Man” was actually saying “Secret Asian Man.” I thought that was pretty clever and funny. Apparently other folks do, too. I thought it would make a good Cartoon Network show. Or a character on Samurai Jack or something. Then again, I don’t watch any of those shows, so for all I know, it’s already there.

My mom’s birthday is today. I, as usual, didn’t remember until my parents called me yesterday to tell me when we are all getting together for dinner in celebration (tomorrow). Which means I need to do some seriously hasty shopping tonight to get a gift. Of course, Dad doesn’t know what Mom wants and Mom doesn’t ever really specify anything she wants, so I’ll be guessing. Hopefully something will call to me at the store tonight.

I never remember birthdays (or any other holidays, for that matter). I know three dates: My birthday, Christmas, and my parents’ anniversary. I only know their anniversary because it’s two days before my birthday (but, uh, two? years earlier, chronologically) and Mom sometimes calls me on their anniversary to wish me happy birthday. Then she remembers that she swapped the dates around and runs out anniversary shopping or something. Heh.

I watched MTV’s The Osbournes for the first time last night, and I have to say that I found it pretty funny. That’s the first show on MTV that I’ve seen in, well, years that has actually held my attention. Ozzy cracks me up, especially when he’s playing with his bulldog. I may have to become a regular watcher.