Welcome to Staunton Island

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Important things first: I’ve finished finding all of the hidden packages on the first island in Grand Theft Auto 3 and now I’ve made it to the second island. I’ve been doing mostly taxi missions to get to know the place, but I’ve done a couple of regular missions, too. The place is huge! I had enough trouble getting to know Portland and now Staunton Island is here. My work is cut out for me.

Thank goodness for GameFAQs.

Got a link today to probably the scariest thing in the world - US Attorney General Ashcroft singing a “patriotic hymn” of his own concoction. Give me a frickin’ break.

I’m trying to find a decent stuffed Domokun doll. A guy at www.domo-kun.de has some links to online stores, but they’re always out of the one I want - if you squeeze the doll, his arms flap. If anyone out there knows where to get one of these in the US, leave a comment. Thanks.