'C' is for 'Chalupa'

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The Blazers sucked hard last night. Really hard. They started the game out with a 25 point lead and then came back to lose the game. How do you lose the game with such a lead? Ah, let me enlighten and amaze you.

See, it’s really a strategy for them. They start out strong in the first half of the game and come out with a huge lead. This is, I’m sure, an attempt to demoralize and degrade the opposing team in an effort to make the opposition weak. And, for the most part, it works. The opposing team doesn’t come on too strong in the first half of the game.

But then - and here’s where the plot really twists - the Blazers notice that they’ve got a huge lead on the other team and they decide to take the rest of the game off. As in, “send in the clowns, ‘cuz we’re going home” style. And when the ref calls them on something, by all means, bitch out the ref so you can pull the technical foul.

So, 100-103, the Blazers lost. Not a big surprise.

The food in the box that Jenn and I were in was good, though, and since the Blazers scored 100 points, we all got free Chalupas, which pretty much just made my night.

Then Jenn had to go let out her parents’ dogs because her parents are on vacation, so I got a little late night Grand Theft Auto in. Found all but three of the hidden packages on the first island, but I know where they are, so I’m good to go. Buffy is a rerun tonight, so I hear a little package-searching in my future. Or maybe we’ll watch an episode from the first season, since Jenn hasn’t seen all of those.