The Merits of Tom Jones

Sitting here in a minor state of hypnosis (taking a short breather between massive server upgrade projects), I decided that I definitely need to get a Tom Jones album. Something about his rendition of Prince’s song Kiss not only gets me movin’, but cracks me up at the same time. (Yeah, yeah, that was actually “Art of Noise featuring Tom Jones” but still…)

Besides, any guy who can get panties thrown at him everywhere he goes deserves a little respect.

Maybe I’ll go do that today.

Bit of a follow-up from yesterday: I found a website that has the Tron figure collection for dirt cheap! I ended up buying all the rest of them. To make up for lost time. Or something. Just a sec, I’ll justify it…

Oh, and a while back I tried to listen to some of the vinyl albums in my collection and the turntable didn’t start up. I thought it might be a fuse or something (it’s like 20 years old if it’s a day), but it turns out there’s this little pin that’s connected to the A/C plug that came unsoldered. Of course, it’s too small to solder yourself, so I started looking for spare parts.

Good luck finding spare parts for a 20 year old turntable.

I did, however, find the same model turntable that a guy was selling online for $55 (which is a real bargain if you’ve ever priced turntables). I decided to buy it since that way I’ll have spare parts for the next time this thing goes dead.

And I continue to progress through the world of Grand Theft Auto III. Last night I hijacked an ice cream truck and bombed four gangsters, ran a mission as a limo driver being chased by the Triads, and [barely] won a street race. Admittedly, I’m feeling pretty accomplished. (Those Triad guys in the game, though, are real bitches. I just drive through that section of town and they shoot at me. The next mission I’ve got is to kill 25 of them in two minutes using a flamethrower. The problem there is that I can’t frickin’ find 25 of them. They all run like scared little girls.)

I wonder if Tom Jones plays GTA3… Hmmmm….