We're Going To Need Bigger Guns

I went to the local Suncoast store this weekend and picked up one of the coolest movies ever, Split Second. My friend Aarron introduced me to this one. Story of a cop in London, 2008, who lives on anxiety, coffee, and chocolates. Sort of a low-budget Blade Runner deal. “Feeling on edge?” “YEAH.” “Good. Here, have a chocolate.”

I also picked up, while at Suncoast, a red Tron light cycle. They re-released the Tron toys for the 20th anniversary of the movie. I used to have one of these (same color and everything) but my mom sold it out from under me at a garage sale, as she did with all of my He-Man figures. I’m still a little bitter over that (as she’s well aware) so I feel vindicated after getting the Tron light cycle, like I’ve reclaimed a piece of my lost childhood for $25.

The Winter Hawks lost last night, though I’m sure they’ll make it up in the playoffs. It was disappointing to watch, especially after they trounced Seattle so harshly just two nights before. Either way, I came out with an autographed stick because I contribute to the education fund. Can’t complain about that!

Another total sidetrack - I’ve decided that, while Janet Jackson is hot, her hair is definitely a deal-breaker. For example, her look on the cover of her Design of a Decade album is fabulous - cute, sorta next-door-girl. But on the Velvet Rope album, she looks like one of those funky dogs with the dreadlocks. Ick.

Saturday night I went to see a hypnotist show put on by my mom’s cousin, Jerry Harris. (Yeah, the link is to an article about a county fair; I saw him in a lounge.) I had seen the show on a home video my grandfather had made, but seeing it in real life was a totally different experience. I wasn’t too excited to go at the outset, but after seeing the show, I can hardly wait to go back. It was pretty funny and well executed; if you ever get the chance to check him out, I highly recommend it.

Last, but not least, I’ve been really getting sucked into Grand Theft Auto 3 lately. I like it because it’s sort of like an interactive gangster movie, but light on the “movie” part. So far I’ve driven a lot of people around, car-bombed a guy, and hijacked a payroll van in it. My stats say I’m only 9% done with it, which is very cool; I haven’t even gotten onto the other islands yet. I think it’s making me a little paranoid, though

  • I cruise through the bad part of town now and totally expect to get carjacked or beaten with a baseball bat. Then again, maybe that’s just because it’s the bad part of town. Hmmm.