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[Days Until Vegas: 29]

I realized this weekend while talking to Jenn that my random and frequent pop culture references have, for some, no context and thus mean pretty much squat.

Why I figured everyone knew what Happy Fun Ball is, I have no clue. But when I told Jenn not to taunt Happy Fun Ball, she just didn’t get it.

I had quite the eventful weekend. Let’s see…

Jenn and I went to see the new Samuel L. Jackson/Ben Affleck movie, Changing Lanes. It was pretty good, though not quite what either of us expected. It looks like a lot more cloak-and-dagger style action, whereas it’s more of an intense drama with bonus intrigue. Maybe later I’ll write up a little review.

On the whole movie tip, we also watched Spy Game and Enemy of the State. For some reason, spy movies just never get old to me. I can’t quite put my finger on why, though.

In the vein of Grand Theft Auto 3, I completed the last major mission (“The Exchange”) and watched the credits roll. I thought it was a pretty cool ending, just like a gangster movie. The really cool thing is, since I hadn’t finished 100% of the game (I still have certain cars to jack, certain stunts to perform, etc.), after the credits rolled I was returned to my hideout one million dollars richer and I can continue playing until I’ve got 100% done. Last I checked I was at, like, 65%. I think I have a while.

I picked up the game Rez this weekend. As if I don’t have enough to do with GTA3. But Rez is pretty darn cool - I got a demo of it from the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine and it sucked me in. My dad wasn’t so enticed by it, but he’s not a big music lover, either, and music plays a major part in this one. Great techno here, and the way the game works (for those who don’t know), the music is interactive. You make it by performing actions in the game. Very cool.

(I just downloaded the Rez “homepage design kit” from the Rez site. Maybe I’ll whip myself up a little Rez tribute page because it’s so cool.)

For those who care about my turntable issues, I ended up having to take the stupid thing in for professional service at Fred’s Sound of Music. It’ll cost me $30 for a new stylus and between $45 and $75 for the repairs. That figures. But, after all is said and done, even with the $55 I spent on getting a like model to cannibalize (that didn’t work, either), I’m still getting out spending less than it would cost for a brand new turntable of that quality. So I suppose I can’t complain. Too much.

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[Days Until Vegas: 32]

I entered a contest over at Penny Arcade the other day to win an XBox game. Of course, I’m a loser, so I didn’t win, but what else is new?

They did link to me in their news section today, which is cool; maybe I’ll get some traffic now, since I think the only people reading this are, like, Jenn and my mom. I’ve got a bit of mixed emotion going on about where they linked to in my site, though: my Gen13 links page.

The reason I’m mixed is that I’m really not maintaining the Gen13 stuff around here anymore, and I’d hate for folks to come in and go, “Oh, look - another stale links page. I’m outta here!” without coming into the blog section here and checking things out.

I’m not looking the gift horse in the mouth, though. They wanna link to me? I’m down with that. One of these days when I have some money, I’m going to have to send them some. I can say I am the proud owner of their book, as should you be.

I noticed that all the songs on the GTA3 soundtrack from the “Flashback” radio station are from the soundtrack to Scarface. I may have to pick that up for the novelty factor.

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[Days Until Vegas: 33]

Cruising around today, I found the coolest thing ever.

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto 3 (as I have), you’ve heard the various radio stations that they play in the cars you hijack. I’ve played enough that I can sing along with the songs. Jenn can too, though she probably wouldn’t admit it.

I have several times lamented the lack of soundtrack CDs for the game since I’d actually listen to the stuff in my real car. It’s great stuff.

Well, on GTA3 Warehouse it looks like someone has ripped all the audio into MP3 format and you can download it all (except for the radio stations “K-Jah” and “Double Cleff”). So I did.

Then I burned them all into audio CDs so I can now actually listen to it in the car. It takes three CDs to contain it all, but I’ve got it all burned now, commercials and all, and I’m good to go. Yay, me!

Along the same lines, you can download the GTA3 ring tone for your phone off of the main GTA3 site. (The link is in the “News” section.) It sounds just like the pager you have in the game. I downloaded it to my new Nokia 3360 and I’ve got it set as my message/pager sound. So cool!

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[Days Until Vegas: 34]

Talking to Jenn a couple of nights ago, she mentioned that when she was younger she thought the song “Secret Agent Man” was actually saying “Secret Asian Man.” I thought that was pretty clever and funny. Apparently other folks do, too. I thought it would make a good Cartoon Network show. Or a character on Samurai Jack or something. Then again, I don’t watch any of those shows, so for all I know, it’s already there.

My mom’s birthday is today. I, as usual, didn’t remember until my parents called me yesterday to tell me when we are all getting together for dinner in celebration (tomorrow). Which means I need to do some seriously hasty shopping tonight to get a gift. Of course, Dad doesn’t know what Mom wants and Mom doesn’t ever really specify anything she wants, so I’ll be guessing. Hopefully something will call to me at the store tonight.

I never remember birthdays (or any other holidays, for that matter). I know three dates: My birthday, Christmas, and my parents’ anniversary. I only know their anniversary because it’s two days before my birthday (but, uh, two? years earlier, chronologically) and Mom sometimes calls me on their anniversary to wish me happy birthday. Then she remembers that she swapped the dates around and runs out anniversary shopping or something. Heh.

I watched MTV’s The Osbournes for the first time last night, and I have to say that I found it pretty funny. That’s the first show on MTV that I’ve seen in, well, years that has actually held my attention. Ozzy cracks me up, especially when he’s playing with his bulldog. I may have to become a regular watcher.

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Jenn and I are confirmed for the long-needed Vegas trip. Four days and three nights in the Paris Las Vegas, courtesy of Southwest Airlines Vacations. A big tip of the hat to SWA - they are by far the most affordable way to go. Plus, the flight attendants have always had good senses of humor when I’ve flown and that makes the trip that much more enjoyable. If you’re gonna go, check with them first.

I can hardly wait. I’ve already got the time off approved, I’ve got the plane, hotel, and rental car booked, and I’m counting down the days until May 14, when we leave first thing in the morning.

Vegas, Baby, Vegas!