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I’ve been a little lax this week on the blog, this being the first entry since Tuesday, and I’m really not sure why that is except that I may be just sort of… blanking… on things due to work.

I’m getting to a point where there’s so much to do and so little time, and most of the stuff is not stimulating at all, it’s just busywork (formatting servers and installing Windows 2000, etc.) that doesn’t really require any brains but lots of time. So my mind is wandering a lot more and I’m getting sidetracked by things much easier because whatever I’m doing at any given time usually isn’t engaging enough to keep my interest.

So I think about blogging, but I never actually get to it because I get so damned sidetracked on things.

The good part of that is, I’ve had lots of time to catch up on reading. I finished The Bourne Identity while formatting servers, and now I’m reading the sequel, The Bourne Supremacy.

I was worried with this one that the action wouldn’t be as good. I mean, at the end of The Bourne Identity, there’s closure. The story’s over. How is the author going to get the main character back into the action?

Don’t worry - it works. I’m loving it so far just as much as the first one.

I finally got all of my gift certificates cashed in and pre-ordered my copies of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the James Bond Collection, Vol. 1. Those should be coming sometime at the end of October. That’ll be good.

GTA: VC looks like it’s going to have some cool music and great graphics if the fake web site is any indication. The sports page shows someone driving a golf cart - I really hope you can snake golf carts. That’d rock.

My friend Heidi is, apparently, quitting her job and leaving the country. I think she said she was going to Guatemala, though I can’t imagine really why anyone would just up and go to Guatemala of all places. Anyway, she’s got a party tonight for that so Jenn and I will be going. If anything, it’ll be good to see her again. Haven’t seen her for quite some time.

Sunday is the company picnic at Oak’s Park. Free rides for everyone, so Jenn and I are totally going. If anything, it’ll be fun to play “corners” on the Scrambler. I think Jenn came out pretty bruised last time we went there. Loads of fun to be had by all.

I think this weekend I’m going to see about renting Resident Evil since I never saw it in theaters and wanted to. I heard it was actually pretty decent. We’ll see.

The last issue from our soot incident is that they still owe us $348.39 for expenses (food to be replaced, damaged lampshades to be replaced, etc.) and they won’t answer my phone calls. I’ve called once a day, every day for a week now and I always seem to get voicemail. My irritation level is building rapidly.

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I went on a mission last night to find my Ottawa Senators home jersey but failed miserably. I am surprised at all the myriad baseball, basketball, and football paraphernalia found at sports fan stores around and the distinct lack of hockey or soccer stuff. Not that I’m a soccer fan, but those two sports seem vastly underrepresented in the merchandising arena, at least in the Portland, Oregon area.

So after calling around to some places this morning, I ended up ordering it off the NHL site. There were other sites that had Ottawa jerseys, but none had the home jersey. So, NHL it is.

I also started cashing in my Yahoo! Visa points for SuperCertificates so I can buy the James Bond Collection, Vol. 1, from Amazon. Once I get those points cashed in, I’ll probably order that and my copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City since they both come out within three days of each other.

And I ordered The Bourne Identity (the TV miniseries) and a book from the Barnes and Noble site because they’re offering free shipping on any two items you order, which I find more acceptable than Amazon’s current promotion of free shipping for orders over $49. Barnes and Noble was more expensive for each item, but with the free shipping thing I saved, like, a buck or two.

I really need to stop buying things. I’m actually putting quite a cap on the stuff I’ve bought lately since I got my frickin’ Visa bill. YOW! Time to make use of the things I have and stop getting new things. Of course, not buying stuff means not going too many places, which is fine with me, but Jenn gets a little restless at times. Besides which, the stuff I like to do at home (reading, art projects, PS2, etc.) is usually inherently one person stuff, and it would be nice to involve Jenn in the stuff I’m doing.

Oh, well. Such is life.

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I went to Safeway to stock up my fridge at work and get some lunch.

I only go to Safeway, at least on this side of town, once in a blue moon. How come every time I go there’s either construction in the parking lot or they’re remodeling the building?

Apparently, this time they’re putting in a Starbucks. Because there aren’t more Starbucks outlets around here than there are 7-11 stores.

While I was shopping, I realized there’s something they don’t sell that they should.

How come you can’t buy fried eggs?

I mean, in the name of convenience, they have cooked chickens, sliced cheese, and microwave breakfast sandwiches, but if I wanted to buy a fried egg, I’m SOL. They could come in round Pringle-style containers. You could buy them in three varieties - solid yolk, liquid yolk, or (for the health-conscious) no yolk. They could even have spin-off products: poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, etc. All you have to do is put ‘em on a plate and nuke ‘em for a protein-filled snack.

I’ll have to think about this some more.

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I learned something this morning when I opened my mini-fridge at work to get a beverage:

If you turn the fridge up past the 50% mark, Snapple “Element” beverages freeze solid.

I also learned, as a corollary to that lesson:

If you let Snapple “Element” beverages freeze solid, they will expand enough to seep out the top of the cap, whether you opened the bottle or not.

Welcome to my grape-covered world.

Interestingly, Sobe beverages do not freeze solid, though some crystals do form.

The fridge has since been turned back down to 50%.

Tonight I’m going to go to the mall and pick up my Ottawa Senators home jersey if they have one. I decided on that over, say, binoculars, because I think I’d get more use out of the jersey. Besides which, honestly, what am I going to do with binoculars? Maybe I’ll go into Software Etc. and preorder my copy of GTA: VC.

Speaking of buying things, I went out this weekend on a mission to find the original TV miniseries to The Bourne Identity on DVD. I guess I forgot (and remember now that I’ve looked on Amazon) that it won’t be released until August 27. I suppose that explains why I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Went to see Goldmember this weekend and had a blast with it. Really didn’t get the Dutch jokes, but thought it was, overall, probably the best Austin Powers movie. I don’t think it would have been as funny had I not seen the other two movies because a lot of the jokes built on stuff shown in the previous films. Still good, though. Loved the Ozzy cameo in there.

Jenn and I really need to have a garage sale. We have just way too much crap. Since we moved all of our movies and videos into bookcases, we’ve got a bunch of those wooden video racks and DVD racks to get rid of. Plus we sort of missed out on the whole “spring cleaning” thing, so we need to go through our stuff and I’m sure I’ll come up with many more items. Like the boxes to toys that I have out that I realize I’m never going to sell - I don’t need the cardboard boxes they came in. Much as I’d like to think I might make out like a bandit if I ever did sell them.

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Hey, gang.

Due to lack of popular demand, I’ve opened up the paraesthesia Junk Store. Right now, I’m selling one - count ‘em - one t-shirt style. Hey, it’s my first foray into t-shirt design. Anyway, I’ve got this thing set up so I can now create new t-shirt styles and everyone who gives a rat’s ass can wear paraesthesia.

The existing shirt style is, shall we say, a little “less than exciting.” I’ll work on some new ones and see what I can put out there. Honestly, it’s mostly for myself - this is the best/only way I know to make up my own custom shirts and crap. But I figured, might as well open it up to the rest of the world too. You guys might want some, right?