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Oh, what a week it’s been.

Saturday Jenn and I went with my friend Torin to check out Night at the Museum. It was actually pretty darn good in a “cute” sort of way. I don’t know that I’ll be buying it on DVD, but I didn’t walk out feeling like I was cheated out of my money, either.

Sunday and Monday were a blur. Monday was a federal holiday, so we didn’t have to work, but Jenn had plans to hang out with her family, so I was left alone with the cat to play video games and watch movies. I’ve been watching The Pretender Season 1 and loving it. (Just ordered Season 2 so I can keep going. I can’t believe I didn’t see this when it was on TV.)

Tuesday and Wednesday some serious cold weather hit the Portland area and made the roads really icy, so Jenn called in sick and I worked from home. You can see some of the footage of people who decided to drive in it. Not good. My dad had some trouble sliding around, too, and is going to have to make a visit to the local body shop to get his car fixed up.

I don’t ever really feel productive when I’m home, though, because frankly there are so many more interesting things to do than work. But you gotta do what you gotta do, and I ended up on the couch with a TV tray and my laptop. Not terribly ergonomic by any means.

I’d have blogged all this yesterday, but we saw a huge spam increase at work and in order to stem the tide, hosts that sent spam to us were being blocked for access. Unfortunately, someone must have sent spam spoofing my domain or something because somehow my site got flagged as a spam site and I couldn’t connect. I’ve got the block removed, but now I’m working with my ISP and our IT guys to see why I got blocked in the first place and track down what we can do to stop it in the future (if anything). I’m in a shared environment, so there’s not a lot I can do from a server lockdown perspective other than having strong passwords on my accounts.

Which brings us to today - Friday - and even though it’s been a short week, it’s been a long week. I woke up this morning exhausted and with a distinct lack of motivation. I’m doing what I can to motivate myself chemically (Mountain Dew?) but it’s not working super well. I won’t lie

  • I’m just not interested in what I’m tasked to do, so it’s difficult to have a lot of zeal. Hopefully there will be something more fun to deal with next week.

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It’s been a few years since I’ve upgraded the ol’ PC and I’m thinking the next time I do it, I will probably get a laptop. I don’t generally upgrade individual components on my machine - lack of time, money, and energy, you see - and it’d be nice to be able to sit in the living room and watch a little TV or whatever while I’m answering emails and such.

I found the laptop I need this morning:

Is this Dr. Evil's

I’m all about the giant button and arbitrary LED readout. Oh hell yes. Pair this with the self destruction button USB hub and you’re gooooooooooold.

Go check the laptop out! (via BoingBoing)

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I come across this sort of thing and always feel behind the times.

Google has this 3D modeling program called SketchUp that is apparently already on version 6. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like it’s pretty easy to use. It’s no 3DStudio but it’ll do in a pinch. Plus you can then place your 3D model on Google Earth so you can see what it will look like out in the world. Cool!