Using the az CLI Behind Zscaler

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At work I use the az CLI behind a VPN/proxy package called Zscaler. I’m not a big fan of these TLS-intercepting-man-in-the-middle-attack sort of “security” products, but it is what it is.

The problem for me is that, if I move to a new machine, or if someone else is setting up a machine, I always forget how to make the az CLI trust Zscaler so it can function properly and not get a TLS certificate error. I’ve re-figured this out countless times, so this time I’m writing it down. It does seem to be slightly different on Mac and Windows and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with the different ways the network stack works or something.

The az CLI is Python-based so this will ostensibly work to generally solve Python issues, but I always encounter it as part of az, so I’m blogging it as such.

Zscaler does have some help for enabling trust but you sometimes have to fudge the steps, like with this.

On Mac

I’m not sure why this works. That bundle doesn’t have the Zscaler certificate in it, but without doing this things get TLS errors.

On Windows

  • Go get the latest ca-certificates bundle from here.
  • Open that cert.pem file in your favorite text editor. Just make sure you keep the file with LF line endings.
  • Get your Zscaler CA certificate in PEM format. Open that up in the text editor, too.
  • At the bottom of the cert.pem main file, paste in the Zscaler CA certificate contents, thereby adding it to the list of CAs.
  • Set the REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE environment variable to point at the cert.pem that has all the CA certs in it.

Again, not sure why on Windows you need to have the Zscaler cert added to the main cert bundle but on Mac you don’t. This also could just be something environmental - like there’s something on my work machines that somehow auto-trusts Zscaler but does so to the exclusion of all else.

Regardless, this is what worked for me.