Another COVID Halloween

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Back in 2021 we didn’t get to go to the usual Halloween party we attend due to COVID. That meant I didn’t really get to wear my Loki time prisoner costume. I decided I’d bring that one back out for this year so I could actually wear it.

Me as Prisoner Loki

This year we got to go to the party (no symptoms, even tested negative for COVID before walking out the door!) but ended up getting COVID for Halloween. That meant we didn’t hand out candy again, making this the second year in a row.

We did try to put a bowl of candy out with a “take one” sign. That didn’t last very long. While adults with small children were very good about taking one piece of candy per person, tweens and teens got really greedy really fast. We kind of expected that, but I’m always disappointed that people can’t just do the right thing; it’s always a selfish desire for more for me with no regard for you. Maybe that speaks to larger issues in society today? I dunno.

I need to start gathering ideas for next year’s costume. Since I reused a costume this year I didn’t really gather a lot of ideas or make anything, and I definitely missed that. On the other hand, my motivation lately has been a little low so it was also nice to not have to do anything.