Dumped Old Code to GitHub

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Over the years I’ve pushed out a lot of little downloads, source, and code snippets on my blog. Yesterday I finally got all of that moved out of the various little dump sites on disks and in private repos and into GitHub.

I’ll continue updating links and adding things when I find them, but you should be able to see most everything there:

  • Repositories (contain more fully-fledged projects and things that can be built)
  • Gists (contain one-off files and snippets)

It was kind of a blast from the past looking at some of that stuff. I can see how I’ve changed styles and improved. Who doesn’t look at stuff they wrote 10 years ago and shake their head?

I could also see where I used certain tools or tech back then and don’t anymore. Like… remember when T4 didn’t exist and CodeSmith was the way to generate things? Anyone remember the Prototype JS library? Building with NAnt?

I can’t promise all of it will compile as-is. For example, I see a lot of VS 2003 and VS 2005 solutions in there. Will that straight-up convert to VS 2015+? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, it felt good to get things centralized, even if it’s not all stellar code.