Autofac.Multitenant 4.0.0 Beta Released

autofac, dotnet comments edit

I just pushed Autofac.Multitenant 4.0.0-beta8-216 to NuGet.

This update includes some breaking changes from the previous Autofac.Extras.Multitenant package:

  • Multitenant support has been promoted to first-class. The package is now Autofac.Multitenant and not Autofac.Extras.Multitenant. (Note the “Extras” part is gone. We always talked about how, at some point, an “Extras” package might become a core feature, figured it was time to finally actually do that.)
  • This package requires Autofac 4.0.0-beta8-* and up because…
  • The multitenant support has been updated to support the same set of portable platforms that core Autofac supports (dnx451, dotnet, net45, netcore45).
  • This builds on top of DNX beta 8.

If you’re using DNX and want to try out multitenancy, give this a shot. If you find any issues, please let us know at the Autofac.Multitenant repo!