The TARDIS Bathroom

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My daughter and I are both big Doctor Who fans. She has a bathroom that she primarily uses, so we decided to make that into a ThinkGeek extravaganza of TARDIS awesomeness. Here’s what we got:

Doctor Who TARDIS Bath Mat

The bath mat is pretty decent. It is smaller than the throw rug and works well in the bathroom.

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is OK, but it is a thinner plastic than I’d like. I really wish it was fabric, like what you’d put in front of a plastic curtain; or maybe a nice thick plastic… but it’s not. The first one we received arrived damaged - the print on it had rubbed off and one of the metal grommets at the top was ripped out. ThinkGeek support was super awesome and sent us a new one immediately.

Of course, then my stupid cat decided to chew through a section on the bottom of the new one so I had to do my best to disguise that, but it still irritates me. Damn cat.

Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

The toothbrush holder is really nice. Looks good and nice quality. My three-year-old daughter’s toothbrush is just a tad short for it and falls in, but that’s not a fault in the holder. She just needs a bigger toothbrush.

Doctor Who 3-Piece Bath Towel Set

We got two sets of these towels and they are awesome. Very thick, very plush. I wish all towels were nice like this.

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack

We actually have the shower rack hanging on our wall because our shower is one of those fiberglass inserts rather than tile, so the shower head doesn’t sit flush with the wall. We have some hair supplies in there. One problem I ran into with this was that the little stickers didn’t adhere very well. I had to do a little super glue work to get the stickers stuck down permanently. It could have just been this one unit, but it was less than optimal.

The bathroom looks really good with all this stuff in it, and my daughter is super pleased with it.