Autofac Project Update - Ownership Changes; 3.0 Coming Soon

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For those of you who use Autofac, I thought I’d provide a bit of a project update to let you know what’s going on.

First, there’s been a little shake-up in the project ownership role. Nick Blumhardt, original creator, will still be working on the project as a committer but has stepped down as an owner. Alex Meyer-Gleaves will remain an owner, and I’ve now been made a co-owner with him. Nick has posted a formal announcement in the Autofac newsgroup. Huge props to Nick for making such an awesome product; I hope I can help carry that forward with as much success.

Next, we’re working hard on the upcoming release of Autofac, which we’ll be calling 3.0. The core Autofac assembly will be a Portable Class Library so we can support WinRT, Silverlight, and full .NET. That will potentially mean a few small breaking changes, but it shouldn’t be too bad to adjust to. We’ll be adding NuGet packages for all of the contributed projects (which are now the “Autofac Extras”). Dependencies have been updated so we’ll link to more current releases. We’re running down the issues list to see if we can get as many resolved as possible before the final release. And we’ve done a ton of updating to the build and static analysis process so it’s easier to work on, easier to extend, and adds a lot more confidence to the shipping builds. I really think you’ll like it.

I anticipate that should all be showing up Real Soon Now. You can follow the progress on the Autofac newsgroup.