Windows "Command Prompt Here" Generator

I love context menu “command prompt here” shortcuts. Every time a new VS version comes out, or a different prompt is available that I need, I create a new one.

In the past, I’ve tried to maintain a whole roundup of current versions, but that’s been tough. Different operating systems come out, I need to tweak this or that to make things work, and I end up having to edit and re-package the whole bundle. It’s also a pain for people wanting the installers – you want some, but not all; the tool isn’t quite what you want but you’re not sure what to tweak; and so on.

Today all of that stops.

Rather than maintain separate little .INF files for every command prompt type, I’ve created aCommand Prompt Here Generator. Using a handy little wizard interface, you can select from a list of command prompts that I know about. After that, you can optionally tweak the values. Want a different path? Fix it. Want the display text tweaked? Make it so. At the end, you can download a fully customized, generated installer for the prompt of your dreams.

Try it out, let me know what you think. If you want a new prompt added, you’ll need to let me know the info on the prompt (look at the “customize” screen in the wizard – that’s the info I need to know). Find a bug, drop me a line.

Visit the Command Prompt Here Generator