DiscSox Blu-Ray Storage

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I have a lot of DVDs and they get stored in binders, but I don’t have so many Blu-ray discs and I like to keep them separate from the DVDs. I don’t rip the Blu-rays to my movie server, so it’s good to have them a little more accessible.

I had previously been storing them on a shelf like books in a library, but the shelf is out of space and things are looking bad. Time to find something else.

Trucking around The Container Store I found these DiscSox HiDef Pro Sleeves that are the perfect solution.

[DiscSox HiDef Pro Sleeves and rack. Click to

These sleeves allow you to store two discs per sleeve and the cover is actually the cover from the Blu-ray case, so it’s a nice browsing experience. For the fewer-than-65 Blu-ray discs I have, this is great. Recommended.