Easier Subtext Maintenance

About a year and a half ago I updated my Subtext database maintenance page from the original I had posted about three years ago. While the database hasn’t changed much between Subtext and (the maintenance page does still work), I updated the page to provide a little more info and do the cleanup in a more automated fashion.

As a refresher, this page lets you…

  • Clear the error log.
  • See how many referrals you have in your database.
  • Remove search engine and spam referrals from the database.
  • Reindex the referrals table.
  • Shrink the database.
  • See additional stats like table and overall database size.

This new version adds some [super rudimentary] AJAX goodness so you can click the button to remove the junk referrals and it will iterate over the set in blocks of 1000 until they’re cleaned up - so the database connection doesn’t time out.

(The whole reason I have this page is that I don’t really have SQL Server Management Studio access; I have to maintain my stuff entirely over the web.)

Anyway, drop the two enclosed pages into your /aspx/Admin folder and you’ll be able to access them after logging into the Admin console by visiting http://yourblog/admin/DatabaseMaintenance.aspx. It won’t add any navigation links to the site into the page, so you’ll have to manually enter the URL to get there.

UPDATE 2/20/2012 Based on some logic from Tim Heuer I added the ability to enable or disable referrals to the bottom of the maintenance page. Click the appropriate button and the referral stored proc will be modified to track referrals (or not).

[Download SubtextDatabaseMaintenance2520.zip]

I’m hoping that Subtext enables the ability to either stop tracking referrals altogether or enables some sort of spam filter on referrals so these never make it into the logs to begin with.I shrank my database from 245MB to 23MB just by running this maintenance.