CR_Documentor Released

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It’s been a while in the making, but the new version of CR_Documentor is out.

It took a while because I did two pretty major updates to it.

First, I totally overhauled the syntax preview generation so each preview style (NDoc or Sandcastle) uses the same syntax preview engine. As part of that, I added a bunch more testing and support for complex syntax like multiple type parameters with multiple type constraints per parameter. What? What does that mean? It means you can see stuff like this in your preview:

And, of course, it works in VB, too (which, based on the way Sandcastle does it, actually all ends up on one line…):

The other thing I did was add support for serving images and other files, so now when you look at the preview for a class and see all the members listed, you see the associated icons, too. Not a huge deal, but it does make the preview more authentic.

Hopefully that adds to you documentation preview enjoyment.

As always, it’s free. Go get it!