Connect to the D-Link DAP-1522 Access Point Configuration Manually

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I had a problem this morning where my D-Link DAP-1522 access point had to be reset to factory defaults. After clicking the reset button on the back and having it reboot, I was unable to go to the configuration page following the instructions (visit and log in). Totally inaccessible.

I ended up calling D-Link support and they explained how to do a more manual connection to the access point. Basically the DHCP server wasn’t enabled so I wasn’t able to get an IP address when connecting directly to the access point so I had to mangle my network settings a bit long enough to connect and set things up.

Connect your computer to the access point with an Ethernet cable.

Go into the adapter settings for the network adapter you’ve connected to the access point.

Update the TCP/IPv4 settings on the adapter so it’s not DHCP anymore. Use these settings:

  • IP =
  • Subnet Mask =
  • Gateway =

Now open up a browser and go to as you normally would to get to the configuration page. It should come up.

I kinda wish that had been in the instruction manual, but since it’s not, there you go.