DX_ContextLab - Help in Checking/Debugging DXCore Contexts

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This is sort of a niche thing, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry. However, people who write DXCore plugins (CodeRush/Refactor) sometimes need to do some action based on what context the user is currently in. For example, you may need to enable a function or hide a button or something if the user is in a designer screen. The problem is, it’s hard to debug that sort of thing - there’s nothing that says “here’s the context(s) you’re currently in” so when you’re writing your plugin you can do the right thing.

That’s what I made - a plugin that [optionally] polls for the list of contexts the user is currently in so you can debug the plugin you’re writing.


If you want it (or any of the other awesome FREE community plugins), head over to the DXCore Community Plugins site.