Hasbro Customer Support Rocks

I have a copy of the [older version of] Electronic Battleship: Advanced Mission game. We played it a bit, but we got really frustrated because the holes in the vertical grid were too big for the pegs to fit in well - a minor bump and the pegs would fall out, causing you to basically start the game over.

We shelved it for a while, but I found that Hasbro has replacement parts order forms, so I ordered a new set of pegs (in case it was actually the pegs that were too small) and a new set of grids (in case the grid holes were too big). I figured, like $7 total to fix the thing would be worth it since it was a $40 game anyway.

I got the parts and the pegs didn’t fit into the grid holes any better, so I figured it was definitely the grids. I looked at the replacement grids they sent… and the grids were too small. The regular Electronic Battleship grids apparently are 10 by 10 while Advanced Mission grids are 14 by 14.

I contacted their support department explaining the problem in detail and asking if they could send me some new Advanced Mission grids. They did me one better: They sent me a whole new game.

That, my friends, is customer service. Hasbro, you rock. Thanks a million!

Jenn and I played last night and it was a fantastic game. Came down to the very last turn - if I missed shooting down Jenn’s last ship, she was going to shoot my last ship down. I made the right guess and got her, but just by that one turn. Great game.