Lazy Weekend

No, I did not watch the Chronic-WHAT!-cles of Narnia.

What I did, though, is accomplish quite a few things on long-running projects and had quite a bit of time to relax, so big win on both counts. I’m pretty goal-oriented so it’s nice to check things off the list of things to do, and yet, I’m also really lazy so “doing nothing” is one of those things I like to check off.

Saturday was my day to accomplish stuff. The two items I got to check off my list of ongoing crap:

  1. I got my recliner fixed. Jenn and I bought some nice La-Z-Boy recliners for our game room upstairs. When they arrived, we noticed that one was really comfortable, but the other felt like you were sort of sitting in a hole on one side - you weren’t sitting level, more at an angle or something. We had the repair people come out and look at it, and there was a piece that wasn’t stapled down right so they fixed that. I sat in it, though, and it still didn’t feel right. I had some other people come over and try it, too, just to make sure I wasn’t being all “Princess and the Pea” with it and, sure enough, it wasn’t just me. The repair folks came back on Saturday and added some padding on the low side to reinforce the seat. Now it feels great! One less thing to worry about.
  2. I figured out how to play iTunes music through Windows Media Center. I’ll actually post a separate blog article on this later, but I figured out how to get Apple Lossless and AAC music playing through Windows Media Center just like MP3 files, and it didn’t require me to buy/install anything like MCETunes. Music was not my primary goal with my Media Center solution, but getting it to work makes me feel good.

Saturday night I had my friends Jason and Torin over to play some games. We originally planned on busting out some Colossal Arena but somehow we ended up playing Left4Dead for like four hours. Good times - even Jenn joined in on the zombie destruction.

Sunday was truly lazy and relaxing. Jenn and I took a bike ride to the Starbucks in downtown Hillsboro where I sucked down a giant Frappuccino, thereby negating any good the bike ride would have done. We watched some movies, had a little lunch, then around 4:00p Jason and I reconvened online for some more zombie mayhem. I rounded off the night with a very tasty barbecue meal Jenn made. Good times.