BlackBerry Calendar Not Synchronizing? Check Default Services

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I noticed this morning that my BlackBerry Curve, using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, was not synchronizing my calendar. It’d sync everything else, just not calendar. It worked before… what changed?

Well, I had installed a new theme, so I uninstalled that. No luck. I had installed the new Facebook app to see if it would get me more into Facebook, so I uninstalled that. Still no luck. I upgraded the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software (which took like an hour to download/install/reboot/re-setup). No luck. I ransacked my Outlook calendar and archived all of the appointments up to about two months ago that weren’t relevant anymore (kept the recurrences, etc.). Still no luck. Ran SCANOST and SCANPST on my Outlook profile. Nothing.

I was about to recreate my freaking Outlook profile (I’ve had sync problems before due to corrupt profile) when I started searching through the BlackBerry help site. As I was typing in my search for sync problems, I noticed this item in the “What’s New” section:

Default Calendar service is changed after installing Facebook for BlackBerry 1.5

What, now? I had installed that… but I uninstalled it. Uninstalling it doesn’t fix it. You have to go into your “Options” on the BlackBerry and, under “Advanced Options,” look at “Default Services.” That sonofabitch is set to Facebook. Even if you told the Facebook app not to integrate with your calendar. Even if you uninstalled the app.

Switch the default calendar service back to what it was. For me it’s my Verizon BlackBerry email address. Re-sync and everything works peachy keen.

On a side note, fuck you, Facebook. I didn’t like you before, and now I really, truly can’t stand you. The only reason I use Facebook is because I have family and friends on there and I want to keep up with what they’re doing. I don’t post, I don’t add content there, I don’t participate in apps, I have Twitter update my status, and that’s that.