Mysto & Pizzi

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I won’t lie - I’m a sucker for heavily produced electronic dance music. The new Lady GaGa album is in constant rotation at my house. If you’re not into that sort of thing, this post isn’t for you.

If you are, though, I was surfing around and found Mysto & Pizzi - some up and coming music producers. They do the remake of “Somebody’s Watching Me” that you might have heard in the background of a Geico commercial. Anyway, if you’re into this sort of thing, there are some great tracks they’ve made available for free.

And, like I said, free. Can’t beat that.

Slightly off topic, but sort of not - I’ve noticed some of these newer artists (like Lady GaGa and Mysto & Pizzi) going a different direction with how they handle downloads and such. Like, when the Lady GaGa album came out, it was the Amazon MP3 deal of the day for like $5. Mysto & Pizzi aren’t putting crap tracks from some band you’ve never heard of out there, they’re putting out stuff from well-known artists. Free. And you know how often I see stuff for these folks online and hear stuff from my friends? All the time. It gets their music out there, gets the names out there, and gets them fans… who will keep coming back, see concerts, buy the merch, etc. Makes me wonder if they aren’t onto something here.