I'm Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory - Season
1Some friends of mine at work told me I needed to watch The Big Bang Theory because I resembled one of the characters. After a couple of mentions of this, I gave in and got the first season from Netflix.

Before we started watching, I sat my wife down and told her we needed to figure out which character I resemble. Up to the task, we started the disc.

About 10 minutes into the first episode, we had a conversation like this:

Jenn: You’re Sheldon. Travis: What? Are you sure? I could be Leonard. Jenn: You’re Sheldon. Travis: I dunno… HOLY CRAP I’M SHELDON.

After watching the first six episodes, I have to say that while I have some Leonard in me, I’m Sheldon. Like this video where Penny sits in Sheldon’s seat… I think I’ve actually had this conversation, or something eerily like it. (Though mine was more around my parking spot at work than my seat at home.)

Anyway, it’s a great show, so if you haven’t seen it, check it out. I’ll be watching the rest as they come in from Netflix.