Subtext Production Upgrade Complete

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This is my first post on the upgraded blog using Subtext After a failed upgrade, I ran through an upgrade on a full staging environment, got it working, and repeated the process in production… huh, I guess that’s sort of what you’re supposed to do, anyway, isn’t it?

I won’t lie; my heart was pounding near out of my chest while I was doing the upgrade, scared I’d have to call upon my web host to restore me from a backup (I don’t have admin access so I can’t do it myself).

Right-o. Anyway, it looks like I’m up and running, which rocks, and I like the new features. Only issue I’ve run into so far: The HTML editor in the admin interface doesn’t really work with Firefox. Specifically, when you try to add a hyperlink to something, the little “edit hyperlink” box pops up, but when you click “OK” the box doesn’t dismiss and the hyperlink gets made into some crazy JavaScript placeholder link. Solution: Post using IE.

If you see soemthing wrong with the site, leave me a comment or contact me (see the link in the navigation bar) so I can see about fixing it.