First 100% on Drums!

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I blogged a while ago (in my drum comparison entry) that I’d never gotten 100% on a song playing the drums in Rock Band, even on easy difficulty, and I generally play on medium or hard. It was like my own personal Curse of the Bambino going on - no matter what I did, I’d always miss one note. Maybe it was a stupid mistake on my part, maybe it was a double-hit registered, but whatever the reason, never did I get 100%.

The curse has been broken!

100% on Hella

Last night I got 100% on the No Doubt song “Hella Good” on medium difficulty. Interestingly enough, I actually got two 100% songs last night - the other was “My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars. The hardest songs in the world? Not by a long shot, but I’m still pretty proud. I’m not afraid to admit I was singing songs about how I’m the King of Drums last night. No, I’m not an awesome drummer, but I was pretty stoked with myself.

And, yes, you’ll see my character’s name is “Alyss.” All of my characters are named based on Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars characters. My guitarist is Hatter Madigan, my band is Wonderland’s Millinery… you get the idea. Here’s Alyss:

Alyss from Wonderland's