Typemock Isolator for SharePoint Released

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The folks over at Typemock have done something special to help address the needs of the SharePoint development community and have released a special version of their Isolator mocking framework specifically to help with testing SharePoint solutions: Isolator for SharePoint.

Isolator for SharePoint is the same Isolator we know and love, but will only work on SharePoint-specific classes. (Of course, if you get sucked in, like I know you will, then you can upgrade to the full Isolator with no issue and mock objects outside SharePoint.)

For a limited time, they’re even offering a few free licenses to folks in the blogosphere, so if you want one, check out how to get one. (If you don’t get one of the free ones, the full retail price of Isolator for SharePoint is $149, and they’re offering a discount for a while so you can get it for $99 - a great deal.)

I did quite a bit of SharePoint development in my last job and something like this would have been amazing to have. If you’re doing SharePoint work right now, you owe it to yourself to give it a look.