Barkdust Put In Yesterday

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We had a fresh layer of barkdust blown in yesterday. We do it every two or three years, and getting it blown in (rather than spreading it yourself) is far and away a better way to go.

I always forget what kind of barkdust we get, or who we use, though, so it’s always a pain to get it scheduled for the next time. This time, I’ll blog it - so I can find it again later!

We got one unit of medium fresh fir, which is enough to cover all the beds we have. It cost $295 this year, up from $215 three years ago. (Price of gas, I guess.)

We used Grimm’s Advanced Bark Blowing. We’ve had ProGrass do it before, too, but they’re slightly more expensive. Grimm’s does a really good job at a decent price. Done and done.