Watch Those One-Way Grids

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My car got hit last night while I was on my way to get my allergy shot. No big deal, just some paint scratches (as far as I can tell), and no one was injured, but, man, it’s just one more thing to deal with.

The other driver and I were heading south on a two-way street and crossed into a one-way grid. He stayed in the right lane, I changed to the left lane (had to turn left soon to get to the shot clinic). He didn’t realize we had switched into a one-way grid and turned left in front of me from the right-hand lane. I got to test my brakes out (they’re decent) and we hit at super-low speed.

Here’s a map of what happened:

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Got the accident reported to the insurance company right at the scene. Cops didn’t come because it was so minor. Now I need to pick a body shop and get my bumper fixed up. Really glad no one got hurt, but like I said, just one more thing to deal with. Sigh.