GTA4 95%; Tropic Thunder

Two things happened this weekend from an entertainment perspective.

First, I finished getting all of the “hidden packages” and stunt jumps in Grand Theft Auto 4, taking me to 95% completion. It was a bit confusing why I hadn’t hit the 100% mark, having completed everything else, but then I found this 100% completion checklist and realized I haven’t taken all of my “friends” to do every possible activity. Guess I’ll be doing that this week. (Admittedly, that seems pretty freaking tedious to contribute towards 100%. Come on, Rockstar.)

Second, Jenn and I went with my parents to see Tropic Thunder. It was funny, to be sure, but I’m not sure which was funnier: the movie, or watching my dad nearly fall out of his seat laughing at the movie. There was definitely a lot of random stuff going on in there, and I went in not really knowing anything about it or what to expect, but it was worth the watch. Far and away, Tom Cruise was the greatest thing in that movie, though - so over the top.

I still want to see Death Race, though. I was totally in the mood for mindless action but we ended up hitting Tropic Thunder instead. My craving for destruction has not yet been sated.