Slimming Down Your Subtext Database

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While I was attempting my upgrade, I figured I’d also look and see where my database space was going since I’ve had to have a size increase a couple of times now and I’m not generating tens-of-megabytes worth of content. The culprits: the subtext_URLs and subtext_Referrals tables. Which is to say, my list of referral sites and the links to the associated blog entries. The URLs table was in the 40MB range, which is pretty out of hand.

I did a quick search to see if this was common and found this entry on Phil Haack’s site from a couple of years back, talking about how to clear the cruft out of these tables. Ran those SQL commands and I’m back into the 5MB size for the URLs table.

Anyway, this serves as a little reminder to give your database a little love and attention. Hopefully we’ll offer more in the way of an admin interface for these sorts of things in Subtext 3.