Drum Rocker

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Drum Rocker drum set from
IonI love playing Rock Band, and when I get the chance to play, I usually play drums.

I’ve seen this kit from Ion in some of the game magazines and on web sites, but I finally found the official site for it: the Drum Rocker kit from Ion.

It’s an actual drum kit from a real drum manufacturer that has a controller box you can swap for either control by Xbox 360 or an Alesis DM5 module, making it useful in an actual drum kit capacity. Not just for gaming anymore!

Admittedly, I play on medium difficulty. I’m no expert by any means. But the noise the standard drums generate plus the sometimes questionable accuracy plus the fact that I’ve always wanted a drum kit… sort of sounds like it adds up to this.

I damn near clicked that pre-order button just now. Just the $300 price tag stopped me. It may not stop me for long.