Typemock Isolator Open Source Licenses

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Just got word from the folks over at Typemock

  • if you have an open source project and you want to use Typemock Isolator, they’re going to be coming out with a new (free) license type that allows your open source project to use it. Here’s the new licensing structure I’ve seen:

  • Commercial - $449 (same as today)
  • Personal - $200 (will include one year maintenance)
  • Open Source Project - Free
  • 21-Day Trial - Free

And, of course, discounts for upgrades, etc., on the paid licenses.

This is huge. I’ve been wanting to add tests to CR_Documentor, but it’s almost impossible to do that because of the tight coupling DXCore plugins have with the DXCore engine. For example, I’d love to be able to create a fake language element and unit test the syntax generator… but I don’t want to have to write wrapper interfaces and services for everything in DXCore that I interact with. Now I can!

Big side benefit - the folks who are unfamiliar with Isolator can see how open source projects use it and see the benefits. Sweet!