Birthday Weekends - Plural!

Since my birthday falls in the middle of the week this year, we’re sort of splitting up the festivities across weekends - some this past weekend, some this weekend.

Friday night I started out by playing some GRAW 2 co-op with my dad and uncle. We normally spend a lot of time struggling through just one of the missions (none of us are super-good and some of the missions really need four or five people), but this time we beat two in one night. My uncle came out with the medal of honor on this one, finishing out the mission after my dad and I had both gotten killed.

Saturday morning I went to the DMV and got my license renewed and actually got out far sooner than I thought I would. In the afternoon we saw The Dark Knight, and it was awesome. Heath Ledger was amazing as the insane Joker and really made him a believeable bad guy, not the cartoonish villain you might envision with the Joker. I hope they make more Batman in this style, and maybe adopt it for future super hero movies. Comic movies don’t have to be all cartoonish.

Sunday we went to the driving range with our friends K and Angela to have lunch and hit a bucket of balls. It was a beautiful day out and we had a great time. I’d never hit a golf ball before in my life, so this was a fun intro, even though I didn’t do too well. Most of my shots went about 40 or 50 yards, though I had a few that went… a bit shorter than that… and some that darn close to injured people. My furthest went about 140 yards. K put all of us to shame going way past everything we did.

K said we might be sore today, but I’m not doing too bad. My back is a little tight and the inside of my right arm is kind of sore (so I can’t really grip things or pick up heavy stuff on the right), but other than that, I’m doing well. I think Jenn is mostly feeling it in the back. Regardless, it was a heck of a fun time and we’ll definitely be trying that again.

We stopped by on the way home at Baskin-Robbins, had some ice cream, and finished off the day with a barbecue at our place. Someone was outside cooking something delicious smelling and we couldn’t resist - we had to cook our own.

This coming weekend I think we’re going to hit the Washington County Fair so we can see the Pirate’s Parrot Show and maybe have a funnel cake. Since it’s free admission, we may even go Friday night and Saturday. It’s a lot of fun and only a few minutes away from home.