Laser Hair Removal: Treatment 12

Saturday was my 12th treatment on my face, and the last in my second set of six (they sell treatments in blocks of six).

A lot has changed since the first treatment, so since I re-upped for a third set of six, I thought it would be time for a retrospective.

  • It still hurts, but it’s nothing like the first time I went. I get MeDioStar on my entire face now, and it’s not nearly as bad because the hair is so much thinner. Reading back on that first entry, I totally remember how much apprehension I felt before going back for the second treatment. I don’t feel that anymore. (There really is no way you can prepare someone for it, so I think a lot of my reaction was that my pain-related expectations were vastly different than reality. Whattaya gonna do?)
  • I still really like all of the people at the clinic. Everyone from the folks at the front desk to the technicians and the sales people are super nice. They all remember my name, they all make me feel totally welcome, and they’re super easy to get along with. I’m glad I chose them.
  • I thought I’d be a closer to done than I am, but then, I was supposed to have done 12 MeDioStar treatments by now and I haven’t. I spent a lot of time doing just Dermo Flash to thin things out. It was the right thing to do, but it’s taking a while.
  • I really like the results so far. My hair grows differently on my face - I pretty much have to shave against the grain to get a good shave - but I’ve also not destroyed any sheets, pillowcases, or shirts for quite some time.
  • The spots that are being stubborn are my chin, upper lip, a spot on my right cheek, and a spot on my neck. The rest has done really well. Even the stubborn spots are starting to give way, it’s just taking a while.

So I did my thing, got my second set of six, and I’m crusin’ along. I should probably take some before and after pix in a couple of weeks to see how well this next set of treatments goes.