Laser Hair Removal 11, Reed College, Professor Layton, and Outlook Catastrophe

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I’m going to do a lot of very small personal updates all in one fell swoop. Here we go!

  • Gotlaser hair removal treatment #11on my face on Saturday morning. They recalibrated the laser and replaced the diode in it, so it was more powerful than before. They had to take it down a couple of notches. Results are still looking good and my chin is still the stubborn part. I wasn’t allowed to shave at all on Sunday morning (to let my face recoup) so by Sunday you could really see how patchy I am. Next time is the last in my latest pack of six, so I’ll probably be getting another pack. Hopefully by the end of 18 I’ll have things pretty well cleared out. We’ve had quite a bit of decent progress in this last set of six.
  • Did fireworks for theReed Collegealumni reunion Saturday night. Jenn and I have our state pyrotechnician licenses up for renewal, but since last fourth of July we did the Walla Walla, WA show it doesn’t count towards our Oregon license renewal requirements. Doing this show made up for that and we can now get renewed. Since we’re doing Walla Walla again this year, we’ll have to do another make-up show. Hopefully we can get an Oregon show next year so it counts towards the licenses.
  • I beat Professor Layton and the Curious Village on Sunday. Jenn got this game for her Nintendo DS a few weeks ago and I tried it out, quickly becoming addicted. The puzzles are great, many of them classic programming puzzles. We woke up tired Sunday morning and I flipped on the DS… and suddenly it was three hours later and I had finally beat the game. A great game, highly recommended. Looks like there’s going to be a sequel, too, which I look forward to.
  • This morning, my Outlook calendar disappeared. I fired up Outlook this morning and it informed me that “Outlook closed improperly last time” and that there were “some errors.” Looking at my calendar, nothing was on it. I quickly went to the webmail view of Outlook and all my stuff was still there, so it was a problem with my local profile. I’ve deleted and recreated my profile locally but… well, I started getting a lot of unfortunate behavior from other Office apps. Turns out there were some security patches pushed this weekend that I got when I booted up this morning. Other people are seeing unfortunate behavior as well. So, after fighting with delete/recreate for some time, I’m doing the full Office reinstall. This won’t take any time at all.