Memorial Day Weekend 2008

It was a three-day weekend for Jenn and I this past Memorial Day weekend, so let’s see how we fared…

Saturday we ran around and did errands. The big Saturday errand was that I moved off the corporate cell phone plan and onto a family plan with Jenn on Verizon Wireless. I was tired of carrying a phone and a PDA (and an iPod, and all the other junk in my pockets) so I got a BlackBerry Curve to at least consolidate the phone and PDA into one device. So far I like it quite a bit, but it’s definitely taking some getting used to, and setting it up for personal use is not nearly documented so well as setting it up for enterprise use. When I get all of the kinks worked out, I’ll blog my recommendations.

Sunday I met up with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in probably five years. He was down from Seattle with his family and it was great to catch up. There was a bit of a scheduling problem getting on the same page as to when we were meeting up, resulting in Jenn and I stuck in a holding pattern at home, trying to connect but not really able to start anything or go anywhere lest we miss the connection. Hopefully we’ll be able to iron that out a little better for next time. He did come bearing gifts, though: autographed Bruce Campbell books. Can’t beat that!

Monday morning we did all the stuff around the house that we didn’t fit in on Sunday and then joined up with some of our friends for dinner, gaming, and a movie at their place. We played some ping pong (which included in-play hazards in the form of their cat attacking the ball) and Ticket to Ride Europe, then watched National Treasure 2. Not really sure if NT2 was good or not because there was a lot going on… and for the first third or so of the movie the aspect ratio on the TV was messed up and gave me a headache so I couldn’t really watch. Regardless, good times.

This morning I am ridiculously exhausted. I slept like crap and I’m way behind on my current project due to some unforeseen meetings and things. Muscling through, but I gotta say I could really use a nap.