Jonathan Coulton at Mission St. Theater

Jonathan Coulton plays the Mission St. Theater - Click for
PhotosJenn and I saw Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm last night at the Mission St. Theater in a sold out show.

It was awesome.

We got there about an hour before the doors opened and it’s good we did because the line was already pretty long. By the time the doors opened, it was around the corner and well down the block.

As we were waiting in line, Jonathan, Paul, and Storm all walked past to get to the front door… and then walked right by again to head to the artist entrance.

We got great seats right up front with no one blocking our view. Paul and Storm opened and we were very pleasantly surprised - I’d never heard them before, but they’ve made new fans of us. They played for about an hour and then there was a break before Jonathan Coulton came on.

When he did come on, it was great. He really played the crowd well and the small venue added to it. He sang all of the great ones - Re: Your Brains, Still Alive, Code Monkey, Skullcrusher Mountain - and a bunch of others, also great. During Re: Your Brains, the audience sang the zombie part. Gotta love it.

It was sort of a crazy crowd. Great people, everyone really wanted to be there, but… well, only at a Coulton show could I look down the line and see people reading the Learning Perl book. A wonderfully geeky mix of folks.

I posted some pictures on Flickr of the show. They’re not the most exciting pix because the show wasn’t really flashy, but they’re decent and show you how close we were.

I ended up getting the entire Thing a Week box set and the Smoking Monkey album. Support your favorite artists, right? Another cool surprise - the Thing a Week box set was signed and numbered inside. Awesome.

We’ll definitely be going again when he comes back to town.