Laser Hair Removal: Treatment 9

My ninth treatment was Saturday morning. They got a new laser at the facility and I think it’s more powerful than the previous one, because it hurt a little more and when I was done I had little red welts all over my face that looked like bad acne. I had this same sort of reaction the very first time I went in for treatment and they tried the laser on me, so it’s not like I’d never seen it before and I definitely wasn’t worried. That said, it was sort of painful and the technician put some ointment on my face and told me not to shave or otherwise irritate it for a day.

My chin is really the only really dark hair I have left on my face, and that’s patchy at best. The rest of my face has small hairless patches among sparse hair patches where the hair is growing, but is much finer and more manageable. My upper lip still has a decent amount of hair on it, but the tech is really jumping in on that to make sure it’s taken care of.

I have three more treatments in this “package” (they sell treatments in packs of six). I’m looking forward to where I’m at when I end this set. Wondering if I’ll need more or not. I don’t know if I’ll be totally hairless, but it’ll be considerably thinner. I’ve definitely enjoyed the results so far - I haven’t ruined any shirts, sheets, or pillowcases for quite some time now (my beard used to just destroy these things).