Miserably Ill

I started feeling the onset of getting sick toward the end of last week, but it wasn’t really bothering me until Friday night when I started getting a pretty fierce fever. By Saturday morning, I had a full blown case of whatever has been going around work the last few weeks. Upper respiratory issues, stuffy head, fever, headache… ugh.

I spent Saturday in bed most of the day, and barely upright on the couch the rest of the day. Sunday was only different in the proportion of bed-time to couch-time: I made it out of bed a little earlier. I didn’t even really do much but watch TV. I tried to play some video games but my need to shut my eyes every few minutes sort of blew that out of the water and having to track all that movement on the screen made my head hurt.

I went to the doctor on Monday and told him all my symptoms.

Me: …fever, too. And I’ve got this headache behind my right eye that sort of hurts if I - Dr: Let me see your glasses. Me: [Handing over my glasses…] My prescription hasn’t really changed in years. I just had my eyes checked in - Dr: They’re crooked. Me: My glasses? Dr: Yeah, they’re crooked. See how this arm isn’t straight and the lenses aren’t even? Me: Oh, wow, yeah… I didn’t even notice that. I wonder how long it’s been. Would that cause my headache? Dr: No, but it makes you look funny. Take those in and get ‘em fixed.

So, you can see, that was helpful. Actually, he confessed that there really wasn’t much they could do for what I’ve got, that it’s common, and basically I just get to wait it out. I got some Tylenol with Codeine to manage my cough and was sent on my way.

I felt a lot better Tuesday - no fever, not much cough - but worked from home to ensure I wasn’t bringing this thing back to work to perpetuate the vicious cycle.

I’m feeling way better even today, but my back is sore from sitting on my not-remotely-ergonomic couch all day yesterday so I’m glad to be in my chair… even though my work chair is also not really my favorite. Looking forward to getting rid of this cough - it’s getting old.