Template for Quick TypeMock Testing

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I use Snippet Compiler quite a bit for quick one-off testing to see if something will work. Something I’ve been doing a lot lately is doing little quick checks to see how you’d do certain things with TypeMock Isolator. Snippet Compiler basically starts you out with a very thin framework for a console application and when you hit the “Start” button, it builds and runs the app. (You could do the same thing in Visual Studio, but Snippet Compiler is very lightweight and is totally built for this sort of experimentation.)

To make my TypeMock experimentation easier, I created a template for a basic console app that will launch a separate process with TypeMock enabled and run the NUnit console test runner. The template starts you out with an empty class and an empty test fixture, ready to populate with tests. When you run the app, the NUnit console runner will execute any test fixtures you put in the current assembly.

Snippet Compiler showing the TypeMock

Instructions on how to set up Snippet Compiler with this template are included. Basically, drop the template into your Snippet Compiler templates folder and add references to NUnit and TypeMock.

[Download TypeMockSnippetTemplate.zip]