Laser Hair Removal: Treatment 6

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I went in on Saturday for my sixth laser hair removal treatment on my face. Just like last time, I went with the MedioStar laser on the entire face (with the exception of the areas immediately around my lips, which is still a little too harsh).

While amazingly intense, the pain was actually less than it was last time. You can tell that as the hair thins out there is way less pain. In some areas where the hair is super thin, you can barely even feel it. That’s not to say it didn’t hurt, but I didn’t sweat through my shirt this time.

Even the next morning, Jenn commented on how it’s becoming a lot more obviously “patchy” on my face. You can tell where the hair has been cleared out to almost nothing. (You can also tell where the hair has stuck around - it looks sort of… zebra-like.) I anticipate getting some great results out of this latest treatment, too.

Treatments at the facility I’m with are sold in blocks of six. (That number strikes me as sort of arbitrary, but I’m sure there’s some logic to it.) I ended up getting another set of six so I can finish this thing up. I’m really getting excited with this latest progress. I haven’t torn up any sheets or pillowcases in the last couple of months (yes, one day of growth would be enough to cause destruction to anything my face came in contact with, which is one of many reasons I’m doing this).

Once it’s done, my understanding is that you still have to get “maintenance” done because as new hair follicles awaken in your skin, you can get little patches showing up. That’s a lot less of a problem, particularly since the cost of the maintenance treatments is less than a third of what the initial treatments cost and, with the hair pretty much gone, the pain really won’t be there.