Jesus Christ Superstar for Christmas

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Friday night, the 21st, Jenn and I ventured into town for a wonderful live performance of Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s possibly my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber musical (more because I’ve listened to it since I was very, very small so there’s a lot of sentimental attachment than anything else) and this was my third time seeing it.

It was Jenn’s first time not only seeing it, but hearing it, so there was a small amount of confusion at first, especially since they ran out of programs as we were walking in so she didn’t have a cast or set list. I tried to explain who was singing and such, but it took until the second half when we were able to find a program that she started getting into it.

It was a really good show to catch. Ted Neeley, who was Jesus in the motion picture version, played Jesus here, too. Amazing range on that guy, and I’m really glad we were able to make it because this is apparently his national farewell tour in the role. Corey Glover, lead singer of Living Colour, played Judas and also did a fantastic job.

The only real complaint I could issue had nothing to do with the show - it was my seats. When I bought them, the seating chart looked like I had some really great seats four rows from the front. When I got there, it turns out that the seating chart was broken up such that I didn’t see the entire front half of the auditorium sitting in front of me. I wasn’t four rows back, I was 30 rows back. Oh, and I got to sit next to a guy who decided it was his day to go on a smoking and drinking binge, so not ony did he stink to high heaven, but I had to repeatedly remind him not to sing along.

Other than that, it was a great show and I’m glad we made it. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the holiday season than a great show with some somewhat relevant subject matter. Good times.