24: Season 6

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Saturday marked the fifth annual 24 marathon at my house, this year for season six. We started at 8:00a and ran non-stop, no credits, no “last-time-on,” no breaks.  The show ended at 1:00a Sunday morning, and it was a hell of a ride.

My dad and I were the only ones who lasted the whole thing.  Jenn missed the last few episodes, being unable to stay awake, and our friend K came for the morning but wasn’t able to stay for the whole marathon.

I’ve found that the secret to the last couple of episodes is to drink an energy drink or two and to stand up.  After sitting for most of the day, standing up really energizes you.

Once again, Jack Bauer saved the day, lasting through torture in a Chinese prison, a nuclear attack, and an air strike.  I still think my favorite season was season two, but I can’t say I was disappointed here.  A good time was had by all, and we’ll plan to see season seven (assuming Kiefer can get his ass out of jail and film the damn thing) next year.