Domestic Dispute

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Woke up last night at 2:45a to the neighbors out in their yard arguing. No physical violence, and it was mostly the guy yelling, but super loud.  I don’t even think I’d heard them before, except for their dog barking incessantly a year or so back.  Sigh.

Jenn ended up calling the cops who couldn’t actually find our house on a map.  She kept having to give a bunch of nearby cross-streets and directions.  That makes me feel really safe.  I imagine a time where there’s a psycho killer in my house trying to stab me and the 911 conversation goes like this:

Travis: Oh my God, help, there’s someone in my house trying to stab me!  Here’s my address - get here as soon as possible! Dispatcher: Hmmm… you don’t seem to be on the map. What’s your nearest cross-street? Travis: I think he’s coming up the stairs! Wait - cross-street? Uh… Foo Ave. Dispatcher: Yeeeaaaah, um, is that north or south of Bar St.? Travis: South.  Hurry! Dispatcher: Are you sure? Where are you in relation to Baz Pl.? Travis: -stabbed to death-

That’s the first time I’ve called the cops on someone.  When they finally arrived, it was in total force - like, two cars and another cop running up a side street.  I’m surprised the SWAT team wasn’t there.

Had a hell of a time getting back to sleep, though.  It took me forever to get to sleep the first time, then this.  I’m dead tired today.  Damn, anyway.