Testing Out UrlAbsolutifierModule

aspnet, subtext, blog comments edit

I figured out the problem with my URL absolutifier HttpModule (which I’m calling “UrlAbsolutifierModule” - gasp).  I was hooking into things too early in the request lifecycle, so when the Subtext RSS handler attached a GZip filter to compress the RSS feed it was GZipping things first, then I was trying to process URLs.  Attaching later in the lifecycle allows me to wrap the GZip filter so I can do my processing before the contents get encoded.

If you’re reading this site through RSS, pictures should now properly display.  Here’s a little picture of my cat so the RSS folks can see it in action - if you see the picture in your RSS reader, you’ve got the cleaned up feed:

My cat. If you see this picture in RSS, the UrlAbsolutifier is

If you don’t see the picture in RSS, it’s not working.  Should that be the case, please leave me a comment to that effect.

I’ll test this out for a while before I release it.  If it works, I’ll put it out there for folks to consume.