Still Working the Absolute URL RSS Problem

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I’m still working on a decent solution to the absolute URL problem I’m seeing in my RSS feed (which is why the images in my RSS feed appear broken - the images are sourced from a relative URL, like “/images/foo.gif” which, paired with FeedBurner, make it look like the images are supposed to come from FeedBurner, and they’re not).

Anyway, I have a sort of general-purpose HttpModule for filtering response output and converting URLs to absolute format, but it’s not working with Subtext’s RSS feed when compression is turned on.  I think I’m inserting myself too late in the request lifecycle so my filter is trying to process GZipped content and is puking on it.

So… I’ve got some more testing and coding to do.

Another stumbling block I hit and wasn’t even thinking of - I wrote my first run at the module to filter HTML… but what it really needs to filter is XML with embedded encoded HTML because that’s what RSS is.

That leaves me with a little bit of a design quandary - I can make it a general purpose module at the cost of increased development and testing or I can narrow the scope to my specific case and reduce the set of customers that would find it useful.  Ah, isn’t that just the typical development dilemma?