Laser Hair Removal: Treatment 3

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It was four weeks since my second hair removal treatment and eight since my first as of this past Saturday, so once again I headed in to get my face zapped.

My second treatment used the Aesthera Isolaz IPL in an attempt to get me some reasonably pain-free results.  While it was far, far lower in pain magnitude, I really didn’t see much in the way of results.  In fact, I could barely tell anything was done at all. As such, this third treatment we went back to the Dermo Flash since that had a reasonable balance of pain and results.

My normal technician was sick, so I got a different lady zapping me. She said she totally didn’t blame me for sticking with the Dermo Flash - the MeDioStar does get overall better results but she has yet to find any guy who can take the pain involved (it’s apparently that much more intense when used on coarse male hair).  She did one guy’s beard and by the end was almost in tears herself with watching how much pain the guy was in, and he was on his own pain killers.  So… no MeDioStar laser for me, thanks.  I’ll stick with Dermo Flash.